IonQ is the world’s best commercial quantum computing company. As the company goes public for the first time, I helped tell the story of their most compelling scientific contributions. These technical illustrations integrate the science with an artistic sense of wonder, so that the technology feels vibrant, smart and joyful.

In order to illustrate the ground-breaking technology of the first commercial quantum computer, I had to research and learn everything about this particular form of quantum physics. For example, their machines use trapped ions for quantum bits (qubits) and unlike other commercial systems, their devices use qubits made from superconducting circuits.


As beautiful as they are rigorously accurate, these visualizations show the complexities of IonQ’s very particular scientific process. For example, by manipulating individual atoms, their machines have the potential to one day solve problems beyond the capabilities of even the largest supercomputers.

I worked with the top scientists in their field to create a digital platform where users can parse data and learn about quantum computing via motion and web interaction. It all starts with nature’s qubit: the atom. Accurate, powerful, and flexible, ionized atoms are the heart of their quantum systems.


The website takes a user through the journey of the quantum computing process, explaining details such as exciting and cooling electrons, isolating atoms, and trapping the ions.