Making Science Beautiful: Technical Illustration

I worked with principal investigators at Missouri University of Science & Technology on multi-million dollar grant proposals, creating infographics and technical illustrations that highlighted and clarified their research. From aerospace engineering, to materials chemistry, to ethics of new technologies—I visualized complex faculty research.  

The below illustrations were created for NASA instrumentation proposals, enhancing lunar mission sensors for both astronaut suits and lunar colonies.


Microscopic Details

Illustrations for a biomedical and chemical process of magnetic yeast separation.


National Science Foundation 

The following design and illustration work was created for faculty submitting to the US government's NSF Research Traineeship Program. I worked to visually clarify data, summarize broad themes, and increase the proposal's persuasive value with clean, beautiful, and informative graphic design. 

Open Magazine Tilted_2optimized.jpg
2018_0618_Battery_smallArtboard 23 copy 2.jpg
Open Magazine_optimized.jpg
2018_0530_McMillin_ERCPlanningArtboard 2 copy 2.jpg

Royal Society of Chemistry 

An illustration I created for the cover of the Royal Society of Chemistry's journal. Working closely with research faculty at Missouri S&T, I created this digital illustration from scratch, abstracting complex research on cancer-destroying origami DNA structures.

Risheng Magazine Cover_optimized.jpg

Research & Development Annual Report 

Layout, infographic design, illustration for Missouri University of Science & Technology's annual report.

Annual Report3_9.jpg
Annual Report4_9.jpg
Annual Report2_6.jpg